Boulevard Heights Building in Lahore Designed by: Arch. Khalid Abdur Rehman [Landmark Consultants       Int’l]
Under Construction
Developers: Ahad Developers
Contractors: Interhom Construction Ltd.
Building Type: Commercial + Corporate + Residential
Height: 204′-0″ Building Height, 230′-0″ Skyline
Floors Above Ground: 19
Floors Under Ground: 5
Shopping Floors: 5
Entertainment Floor: 1
Appartment Floors: 14
Office Floors: 14
Parking Floors: 4
Location: 111-K, Main Boulevard (Gulberg)/ Shahrah-e-Jinnah, Gulberg-III, Lahore
Superb Designing by Khalid Abdur Rehma

3D Work Lahore - Boulevard Heights - Render
3D Work Lahore – Boulevard Heights – Render


14 80_big 391a3ec175456e8b7c1ab72be28fb566 878 2006-12-26_1780_downing 090728-Central-city-development-LM-1200-+ 898931-modern-building-in-downtown-miami--modern-business-building 138356423611 B38897 Berlin_Scientology_Church capital-quarter-4050570 Commercial Building 3D Architectural Renderings CSJZXG_2014 dahn-and-noun-v2 Gardenia-Gravity-Mall-Patna gurgaon30qo IMG_1799 Lafayette-Corp-Center-1200x599 Luxury-Great-Impressive-Office-Design-in-3D-590x442 Lyulin_1 med_1_70 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? napred-obe original_417066_M99XqVxdCcBRWdTsfGh3jS79p perspektiva-2-pogled-sa-ulice-sa-ugla royaloak shopping-mall-3d-exterior-rendering Untitled-2_clip_image011 VIEW1 Wisma Sabah Kota Kinabalu 000-3d-model-Thumb_SC02_01 01_brace-grbicigalo_izometrija


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